10 Awesome Anime Like Attack on Titan


So you just finished watching the first episode of Attack On Titan and you can’t wait for more! We know how you feel. So to help you fill the time between the weekly airings we’ve compiled a list of not one, not two but TEN anime that are similar in both plot and characters. We hope you enjoy, and if you have any suggestions yourself be sure to leave a comment! 


Chrome Shelled Regios
Studio: Zexcs
Year: 2009 Winter
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure,

Plot Summary
Filth Monsters have overrun the earth;humans take shelter in mobile cities named Regios. Here they are trained to use special weapons named Dite, simultaneously learning the power of Kei to defend themselves and the ones they love. Layfon Alseif, is just a guy hoping to escape a dark and brutal past, but Nina Antalk, council president and military arts student in the city of Zuellni has other plans for him. Recognizing his ability to harness an incredible amount of Kei and wield it with great power. She approaches Layfon with the offer to join her squad. Will Layfon accept? Or will he deny in an effort to conceil his past and bring forth a better future.

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
Chrome Shelled Regios is so similar to Attack On Titan that we have no doubts you’ll enjoy it. Although in this particular series you won’t find Titans, you will find incredibly large monsters that the main and supporting characters have to battle to protect the city they love, and the people that inhabit it.


Studio: Studio Pierrot
Year: 2004 – 2012
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural,

Plot Summary
Kurosaki Ichigo isn’t your typical 15-year old boy. As long as he can remember he’s always the ability to see both ghosts, and spirits. During an average day Ichigo suddenly encounters the shinigami Kuchiki Rukia, who saves his life and the lives of his family, nearly killing herself in the process. During the encounter Rukia is unable to defeat the Shinigami and in a hopeless effort transfers her shinigami powers to Ichigo. Now that Rukia is unable to fight she recruits Ichigo as substitute and together they battle the never-ending shinigami plaguing the city.

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
Bleach is a overly-long anime. I’m talking 100+ episodes with more fillers than I can count on my hands and toes. So if you’re up to it, go ahead. The story is great and there’s plenty of action, but be warned. There are periods when you’ll encounter episode after episode of filler content.



Studio: Madhouse
Year: 2007 Spring
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Medieval,

Plot Summary
This is a world where Yoma and humans coexist. Yoma are demonic beasts that favor feeding on the flesh and innards of humans. They are an even greater threat due to their ability to take on a human form. Humans are paranoid and there’s only one organization that can pose a threat to the Yoma, the Church.

The journey begins when a young-boy named Raki is banished from his village, his only crime was witnessing the slaughter of his family by a Yoma. During his banishment he has an encounter with a Claymore, sword-wielding women who are half-demon and half-human. Claymores are humanities last hope in annihilating Yomas but are hated by humanity for their abilities and job, regardless of their necessity.

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
Absolutely one of the greatest action anime to date. Once you watch the first episode you’ll be hooked, and the story only begins to get better. Although Claymore is only 26 episodes long you can always pick up the manga and continue following the story. Plenty of content to consume.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
gurren lagann
Studio: Gainax
Year: 2007 Spring
Genre: Mecha, Adventure, Sci-Fi,

Plot Summary
Simon and Kamina are best friends who live a boring, oppressive life. Simon is quiet and shy and simply lives his life, Kamina on the other hand wants to be free and explore the open earth and skies. During one their routine digs Simon comes to discover a strange robot with a large face. Moments after the discover two beings from the surface crash into Jeeha, their underground village.

Kamina, sensing an opportunity to escape and finally explore the world urges Simon to fight back with his robot. Their fight is the beginning to a war that will cement mankind’s last hope in Simon and his new found robot. Can he live up to the expectations?

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
Gainax is a studio worth noting. Every production they created in the 90’s and early 2000’s was blockbuster. Gurren Lagann is no different. It’s praised by otaku world-wide and consider to be one the best mecha adventure anime on the market.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
neon genesis evangelion
Studio: Gainax
Year: 1995 – 1996
Genre: Mecha, Apocalyptic, Adventure

Plot Summary
It was the year 2015 the Angels, alien creatures of astronomical size invaded Tokyo, Japan for the second time. Also known as the Second Impact. The only barrier in their way of completely annihilating Japan is NERV and Evangelions. NERV is the United Nations organization that designs and manufactures the Evangelions, bio-weapons that are piloted by 14 year old children. Children who were born only months after the first impact.

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
If you don’t know what Neon Gensis Evangelion is all about, you aren’t a fan of anime. This is possibly of the most popular anime in the world. One of the best mecha anime created we urge nearly everyone that even takes a relative intrest in anime to give it a try. You will not be dissapointed by this thrilling series!

Infinite Stratos
Studio: 8-Bit
Year: 2011 Winter
Genre: Action, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi,

Plot Summary
IS, also known as Infinite Stratos was developed by Japanese scientist and engineers to become the most powerful weapon on the planet. So powerful was this new exoskeletin technology the countries of the world enacted a peace treaty, and agreed that the technology should be distributed among every nation equally. The world was in peace but society saw an immediate shift of power to woman, as they are the only ones who could wield IS.

That is, until a boy named Ichika Orimura accidentally touches a IS and discovers he too can wield it. The Japanese government see it as an advantage and forces the boy to attend Infinite Stratos Academy. There he begins his new life surrounded by woman who can all wield IS technology.

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
You get harem and mecha rolled into one. Take it for what’s it worth and nothing more.

Soul Eater
Studio: Bones
Year: Spring 2008
Genre: Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural, Action,

Plot Summary
Shinigami Weapon Meister University is where meister and their weapons meet and train. Every meister is given a human-like weapon. The weapons have the ability to take form of a human, and changed to a weapon when needed. Maka is meister and together with weapon Soul Eater you’ll adventure this bizarre world meeting people like Death The Kid and Black Star, also meisters with weapons. The goal of a meister and their weapon is to consume 99 pre-kishin souls – humans who have black souls – and one witch soul in an effort to make their weapon a Death Scythe.

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
When soul eater was released in 2008 we were hyped and it didn’t end until the last episode. Lucky for you Soul Eater is a 50+ episode series. Plenty of time to enjoy the characters, art and animation. The story is a bit funny and out there but certainly well worth a watch. It isn’t your average shounen.

Trinity Blood
Studio: Gonzo
Year: 2005 Spring
Genre: Vampires, Action, Shounen, Supernatural

Plot Summary
Abel Nightroad is devoted to the Vatican church and does his job well. Although the apocalyptic war has been over for some time, the church is engrossed in a battle with vampires. Lady Catherine, the leader of Abel’s “AX” group wants nothing but peace and rest for the world, but others seek the opposite. On a mission for the Vatican, Abel encounters a woman who may be the key to humanities survival but now that he’s found hope he’ll have to face his mysterious past.

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
If you’re into vampire anime, we suggest this series. Not too long but not too short either with a conclusion at the end that will make any anime viewer happy. The series had a few dark moments with some spontaneous comedic scenes right when you needed them. Overall a well-rounded series Trinity Blood was.

Studio: Gonzo
Year: 2001 – 2002
Genre:Vampires, Action, Seinen,

Plot Summary
England, is being overrun with vampires.The average citizen is completely oblivious as the government takes great precaution to keep the secret a secret. As the general police can do very little against creatures with such power and speed a organization has stepped up to take the lead, the Hellsing Organization. A family operation ran by the Hellsing’s. Only, they don’t strictly rely on human-police, they have something much more powerful when things get rough, Alucard. A vampire that has served the Hellsing’s for generations, and on one beautiful night decides to make his own call on recruiting a young-female officer.

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
This is by far one of thee best vampire anime you can watch. Produced by Gonzo you can expect great animation with superb story telling. Honestly, I would recommend this anime to anyone that calls themselves an otaku. Hellsing is chilling, structured, and dark.

Studio: TMS Entertainment
Year: 2006 – 2008
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure

Plot Summary
The Millenium Earl is out to destroy the world and everyone in it. The only thing stopping him is The Black Order. A church organization filled with exorcist with the sole-purpose of destroying akuma, demons who roam the earth killing and torturing humans. Exorcist are sworn to cleans the soul of akuma and collect a substance known as innocense. This substance is used to create the one weapon to stop and kill the Millenium Earl. Allen Walker is young exorcist with a special-cursed eye. He has the ability to discern who is human and who is akuma. He joins The Black Order and with the help of his new friends he fights to collect all 109 pieces of innocense to end the world’s suffering, and the life of Millenium Earl.

Otaku Informer’s Opinion
D.Gray-Man is possibly one the best adventure series you’ll watch this year. Although it isn’t new its dark and horrifying theme will keep your attention all 50+ episodes long. The anime may have ended but the manga is still being published. So if you can’t get enough, pick up the manga! You’ll have volumes on top of volumes to read and explore.

4 Responses to 10 Awesome Anime Like Attack on Titan

  1. OtakuDoll says:

    GREAT collection of anime. Half of them I’ve seen, and love.
    I’ve been resisting Claymore for a while now (women fighting generally = too much fanservice) but I feel myself being worn down.
    I’ll watch the first episode, and see where it goes from there.

    • says:

      Claymore is a great choice. You won’t be let down, but do come back and let me know what you did and didn’t like.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Y you no do homework says:

    i don’t recommend bleach to be part of these references, bleach is all about someone having power losing it and then haveting to get it back, it has a story line but the way things are done is kind of obsured in my opinion,and they could of ended that anime in 3 or so seasons but the people who made it wanted to milk it, and so i think ruined it in the process, but attack on titan hasn’t had a gain of power and loss of power its a matter of fear that distinguishes the characters not whether they have to go back to level 0 to get above power lvl 9 thousand,

  3. Animegurl says:

    Gantz is similar to Attack on Titan! although the manga is so much better than the anime. Give it a try ^.^

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